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Rocks + Mulch

Mulch / Delivery / Installation Included!


A lot of homeowners think of mulch as strictly cosmetic, just something to make the place look good. And it’s true that mulch around the base of trees and shrubs does improve property appearance. But here at Carter Lawn + Landscaping we want to show you there is so much more that mulch can contribute to your landscape. It makes lawn and tree maintenance a whole lot easier, and provides other yard care benefits that are underground and out of sight.

Proper use of mulch is an essential tree care technique. Tree roots are sensitive to high summer temperatures. When the surface soil reaches 100 to 108 degrees, or more (which it can during hot weather), most tree roots begin to die. Temperatures that high simply kill the roots. Unfortunately, this happens in the upper area of the soil (the top 5 to 6”), which is usually the most fertile. A 3” layer of mulch can reduce soil temperatures by as much as 10 degrees, maintaining a healthy growth environment for the roots, and letting them grow actively in the upper soil,which is extremely important in our Central Florida sub-tropical climate.

Rock Cover

An alternative ground cover, rock choices range in price and texture to match and coordinate with stone or brick features. Rock typically cost more than other ground covers however, they do offer clients additional benefits.

  • Will not decay Will not fade over time

  • Will not wash away, heavier weight

  • Will not attract bugs

  • One time application

  • One time expense

Carter Lawn + Landscaping provides over 20 rock choices from our local distributor at discounted rates, saving our customers up to 15% off traditional retail prices. For additional information and samples of rock, please contact Carter Lawn + Landscaping to schedule a no obligation quote.

Brown River Rock • Dixie Pink Marble • Drainfield Rock • Jade Pebbles • Mexican Beach Pebbles • Palmetto Green Stone • Red Volcanic Moon Rock • River Jacks • Salt n Pepper Granite • Seminole Chips • Snow White Marble Chips • Timberlight Granite • White River Rock • Pine Bark • Red Pine Bark • Gold or Natural Mulch • Red Mulch • Black Mulch


~$60/cubic yard
  • Delivery + Installation Included!
  • Please Call, Prices Do Fluctuate
  • We may use Bags • 1 Yard = 14 Bags
  • 10ft x 10 ft x 3in. Thick = 1 Yard
$ Market Rate
  • We Spread Rock From Any Dealer
  • Spreading Labor Charge is $95 – 125 Per Cubic Yard
  • Minimum of 2 Yards
  • If Our Local Dealer Doesn’t Have it, We Can Order

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