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When you feel like your lawn’s looking a little lackluster, maybe it’s time for a transplant. Work with the low-cost leader of Florida and get some of the finest sod service the area has to offer.

From beginning to end, we’re able to provide you with a sod solution you’ll love at an affordable price. Nothing is too big for our crew to handle, and you always have a variety of sod options with the knowledge you need to make the best choice for you. Work directly with the owner every time you choose our crew. With Carter Lawn + Landscaping, know that the job’s always done right the first time.

Sod Installation Pricing is based on the type of sod you select, the square footage of your lawn, and current market prices. Determining the square footage of your lawn is quite simple. Each type has unique characteristics and specific requirements that lend to a healthy, flourishing lawn. If the sod type is not properly selected for prevailing conditions (i.e., heavy sun or shade, etc.) failure is inevitable. Therefore, proper site evaluation by our qualified expert is crucial. Since most lawn’s are not perfectly square, we will measure and assess the quantity of sod needed.

Flora-Tam • St. Augustine

St. Augustine grass is a perennial robust grass widely used for pastures and lawn’s. In the warmer climates of the tropics and subtropics it rivals Bermuda grass in importance. St. Augustine grass is adapted to moist, coastal areas with mild winter temperatures. It is known to be tolerant of high summer temperatures. St. Augustine grass is used primarily for lawn’s as it does not tolerant traffic as well as some other warm season species. It produces satisfactory turf at moderate levels of maintenance, effectively competes with weeds and other grasses and has only a few serious pests. St. Augustine grass produces a thick, lush, dark green turf that is highly preferred by homeowners.

RECOMMENDED SUNLIGHT • 7-8 hours per day AVAILABILITY • Year-round PRO’S • Low Maintenance • Grows Well in Poor Soil • Requires Less Mowing • High Resistance to Weeds CON’S • Slow growing • Builds a Heavy Thatch • Course Texture • Appearance Not as Lush as Other Grasses


Bermuda is the most popular of sod grasses available. It is widely used because of its low maintenance requirements and its good tolerance to regional weather conditions. It is a rapidly spreading variety that becomes extremely dominant and discourages weeds if maintained properly. Bermuda takes root very quickly and grows well in clay conditions. It needs less water than other grasses, and its ability to withstand frequent traffic contributes to its desirability. Bermuda sod provides a green dense luster in the growing season and reverts to a light wheat color during its dormant period in the winter months. It is a favorite of golf course’s, and again, if maintained properly gives a beautiful appearance.

RECOMMENDED SUNLIGHT • 10-12 hours per day AVAILABILITY: Year-Round PRO’S • Least Expensive • Low Overall Maintenance • Highest Tolerance to Sunlight • Good Tolerance to Traffic • Takes Root and Spreads Rapidly • Aggressive Growth • Grows Well in Clay CON’S • Loses Color During Winter Dormancy


Zoysia has been referred to as the Premier sod. When at its best, Zoysia looks nothing short of spectacular. It is a slow-growing, fine-textured, dense turf grass. Maintenance is similar to that of Bermuda sod; however, Zoysia requires less mowing during the growing season than the other types. It is generally resistant to weeds and can tolerate a high volume of traffic. When properly cared for, Zoysia’s appearance is impeccable, but if not properly maintained, it can gain a semi-dormant look. The three types of Zoysia sod available are MEYERS, EMERALD, and EL-TORO.

RECOMMENDED SUNLIGHT • 5-6 hours per day AVAILABILITY • Year-round PRO’S • Dense, Fine Texture • Resistant to Weeds • High Drought Tolerance • High Shade Tolerance • High Traffic Tolerance CON’S • More Expensive than Other Types • Slow to Establish • Can be Sensitive to Cutting

All Sod Species Available upon request

Labor Extra if Mechanized Sod Removal Needed • Please call for the current per pallet price • Prices vary due to market rate fluctuations • Pallet = 400 Sq. Feet • Discounts over 6 Pallets

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